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Cosponsored by the Institute for Learning and Development (ILD)

Students with LD, ADHD, and Executive Function weaknesses need alternative approaches in order to access the math curriculum. This workshop will combine what we have learned from the field of cognitive psychology with what we know about the current trends in math curriculum design. Our presentation will give math and special education teachers an opportunity to learn more about how their students learn math, and to focus for the day on particular students who are having difficulty. Teachers will learn about the developmental factors that affect math, discuss the ways different types of learning problems affect the acquisition of math skills, and share differentiated math learning strategies. There will be a combination of direct instruction, discussion, and interactive activities that will enable teachers to create materials and learn about techniques that they can use to reach their students who struggle. Elementary and math teachers grades 4-9, special education teachers, math coaches, and special education paraprofessionals will all benefit from attending this workshop. This workshop is most appropriate for new teachers or teachers beginning to develop expertise in differentiated math learning strategies, or experienced teachers looking for a review.  (Participants are encouraged to bring math curriculum books/materials and IEP(s) of students of concern. All identifying information should be redacted to protect privacy. Instructor will also bring case studies.)


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