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Using Self-Reflection, Innovation and Human-Centered Design, Inside and Outside the Classroom

“New Hampshire must ensure that school administrations, faculties, and students have the resources and knowledge needed to build and maintain an inclusive and equitable learning environment.” reports the 2018 New Hampshire Governor’s Advisory Council in a Diversity and Inclusion publication on legislative and budgetary recommendations which will have a direct impact on New Hampshire schools. The report shared findings that show there is persistent discrimination and inequities in schools and a dearth of knowledge and resources to create more inclusive school environments.

This is a professional development opportunity for educators at all levels, especially administrative leadership, to further diversity awareness and engage in critical analysis of the services and relational dynamics needed in a diverse culture. We will explore social justice and anti-discrimination via personal and institutional lenses to analyze: power and privilege; discrimination and prejudice; and inclusion and equity through multiple social identities, including race, gender, sexual orientation, class, nationality, ethnicity, ability (physical and mental) and religion. The workshop will include open and honest discussions, short readings and interactive/experiential activities in a respectful environment.

Participants will learn to be sensitive to the changing nature of identity-related language and recognize how personal experiences impact our ability to create a more inclusive climate in personal and professional practice. Participants will leave with a set of tools and techniques to implement improvements to equity and inclusivity in their daily environment using Human-Centered Design as a problem solving technique.


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