Course Description

The goal of RE-DESIGNING is to give an item new purpose while being ecologically friendly.

In this class, each person can express their unique creativity with a project of their choosing that works within our time constraints. Projects could include:

  • jewelry,
  • clothing,
  • household decor,
  • accessories,
  • pet items,
  • gifts,
  • even interior decorating.

The classes will cover design concepts (sketching, research, planning & budgeting), illustration, measuring accurately, pattern/plan making, construction (as needed), embellishing, and the final results of making your NEW RE-DESIGNED item.

On your registration include the project you’d like to create and what materials you are bringing with you. The classes will last two hours each and meet three times.   Although supplies needed will vary depending on you project, at the first class bring: pencils, erasers, markers, notebook, measuring tool and scotch tape.  

Are you ready for a FUN challenge?  Let’s do it together!


Thank you for your interest. This course is not open for enrollment at the present time.

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