Become immersed in the realm of Craft Brewing. The UNH Craft Brewing Certificate program serves as a valuable gateway into the world of beer and professional brewing. Whether you are brand new to the industry, or are looking to expand on your own current methods of crafting, this certificate program will provide extensive insight to get you on the right track.

Led by Cheryl Paker, the manager of the UNH Brewery and current instructor for undergraduate and professional development courses in brewing, this certificate will dive into the following: scientific brewing theory, ingredient basics and science, sanitation & safety, quality control and analysis, operations & equipment use, and much more.

This Certificate Program is comprised of 8 elective workshops - all in a live online, virtual format. No matter your location, you will be able to network, discuss, and collaborate with brewers far-and-wide, including insightful discussions with instructor Cheryl Parker and industry-leading guests & speakers.

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